Daikin Aircon Servicing & aircon Repair are among the most sought after brand services in Singapore. This is simply because Daikin brand AC users are delighted in the robustness and efficiency of its products; alongside also with the affordability of Daikin air cooling systems.

Whenever your residential or commercial Daikin AC gives unexpected problems in its daily operation, it’s best aircon service to get in touch with a team of Daikin repair experts to troubleshoot and promptly fix all the Aircon issues. During normal days that require AC regular servicing and maintenance, remember to have your aircon serviced on schedule to avoid aircon breakdown. You can discuss with your aircon service provider on the appropriate servicing schedules; depending on how frequently you use your aircon.

Why Daikin Aircon is the choice for many?

Daikin aircon brands are trusted brand air con for home and commercial uses. The common Daikin aircon systems you’d find in Singapore include the split system aircon, multi-split units, packaged and unitary aircon. You can discuss with your aircon installation specialist who will guide you to choose the right type and capacity to install for your premises. Daikin aircon is highly desirable for mostly these reasons:

  • High quality and global brand recognition
  • Excellent energy-saving functions
  • Developed with world class technology
  • Stylish and fashionable

Ruggedly built for durability

Daikin Aircon Maintenance Servicing

AC Servicing in Daikin AC is a necessity and most important choose the right aircon service company to handle all the required AC servicing and maintenance work so you can rest at ease and have your aircon systems functioning well and consuming optimal energy.

With our team of quick-witted skilled expert at AC Servicing Singapore, we are confident you will be delighted with our Daikin specialist aircon cleaning and routine aircon maintenance work.

Daikin Aircon Troubleshooting Repair

Are you having some problem with your Daikin aircon? The common problems for most aircon system are aircon leaking water, not cold enough, noisy or AC cannot turn on. There are a variety of reason why these problems occur after prolonged usage and finding the causes can be rather daunting to most users.

Do not worry; we are here to help check, evaluate and diagnose to get to the root cause of your Daikin aircon using quality technology equipment and offer you cost-effective aircon repair solution.

Our Daikin Aircon Servicing & Repair Services

Regardless of the size and type of Daikin AC you have in your home or offices, our expert Daikin aircon servicing extend towards all Daikin model. Some of the more common service and repairs we provide to our Daikin clients include fixing:

1.Daikinaircon leaking water

2.Daikinaircon not cold problems

3.Daikin aircon compressor issues

4.Daikinaircon chemical wash

5.Daikin aircon grime and dirt blowing

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

AC Servicing Singapore has reliable teams specializing in Daikin aircon servicing and repair service. Performing aircon servicing is a daily affair for us and our Daikin aircon maintenance and repair teams are well trained to service and repair all Daikin brand AC.

Our experts are professionals with many years of experience in Daikin AC servicing and repair. You are in good hand whenever you hire us.


General Service 
1 unit – 30$ + Transportation fee
2 unit &  above – 25$ per unit

(No transportation)

Chemical Wash
1 unit – 70$ + Transportation fee
2 unit &  above – 60$ per unit

(No transportation)

Steam Cleaniang
1 unit – 40$ + Transportation fee
2 unit &  above – 40$ per unit

(No transportation)

Chemical overhaul
1 unit – 100$ price may vary depends on BTU

Want to service your Daikin Aircon?

Letscool Aircon service company is a good choice for Daikin aircon servicing & repair, they have 15+ years of experience in the Airconditioner industry. Have trained experienced technician for aircon service installtion.

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