Top 10 Aircon selling brands in Singapore.

1. Daikin
2. Mitsubishi
3. Midea
4. Panasonic
5. Samsung
6. LG
7. Toshiba
8. Carrier
9. York
10. Fujitsu

Most of residentials and HBD using Air conditioners. Some of the Air conditioner brands give 5 years compressor Warranty. people trust these type of brands that brans of Aircon only stand on the market

One of the top brands in Singapore. Most of the peoples buy this aircon because the reason is budget-friendly and service friendly and eco-friendly. Daikin implements the all latest technologies and features. they have different kinds of models so peoples like Daikin.

Mitsubishi Electric/ Heavy:
Mitsubishi Aircon most using by the Singaporeans. 40% of peoples use Singapore. that is, again and again, buy as same brands. Mitsubishi implements the latest technologies and gives product quality that impresses the peoples.

Mitsubishi Electric: This aircon mostly using the residential and HBDs. 5 ticks Aircon reduces the electricity billy and saves energy, sizes may vary based on the room size.

Mitsubishi Heavy: this aircon mostly using the large rooms and office spaces. heavy industries also available 5 ticks AC units. price may high compare than electric models but peoples called as long life Aircon.

top 5th best Air conditioner in the global ranking. the media company produced not only the air conditioner they are making more different types of home appliances.

The above 3 aircon brands have people trust.

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