GREE Aircon Installation & Service

We are selling GREE Air conditioners in Singapore. is that long-lasting and one of the people trusted brand in Singapore. We support installation and service. Since 1996 @ Zhuhai, China. letscool Has more than 25 years of experience in the aircon industry more reliable and trusted company for aircon servicing and aircon installation and aircon maintenance for both commercial and residential units

GREE Aircon Installation

Letscool Aircon Sell and install the GREE Air conditioner in Singapore. We have an experienced Aircon installation team to install the aircon without any damages.

what material we used to install

  • 22g copper piping
  • Keystone wire (local brand)
  • 1/2 inch class 0 armaflex
  • 16mm drainage pipe with insulation

GREE Aircon Service

We provide Aircon service for GREE Air conditioners. 100% Quality service is our strength. every service package comes with a workmanship warranty.

What Service your want?

  • Slow cooling?
  • Water leakage?
  • Gas leakage?
  • Aircon repair?
  • Compressor repair?
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