There are a few different types of aircon servicing in Singapore. The word “services” basically mean “cleaning” of air-con. Below are some of the aircon service  Letscool aircon  offered and we explain what each job scopes covers.

Air-Conditioning Services in Singapore

1.  Aircon General Service

2. Aircon Chemical Wash/Flushing

3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Servicing

1. Aircon General Service

– Clean air filter

– Clean blower wheels and blades

– Vacuuming of drainage system

– Clean indoor evaporator coil

– Test and commission system

Aircon General Service is for aircon units that have just undergo aircon servicing Singapore in the last 3 months. Consist of minor touch-ups and cleaning. This aircon service is recommended to do it every 3 months to help maintain your aircon cleanliness and freshness of the air.

2. Aircon Chemical Wash

– Aircon Chemical Flushing of fan coil fins with heavy chemical

– Cleaning of air filter

– Flushing of blower wheel

– Clear drainage line

aircon Chemical wash/Flushing is best for air-con units that have been UN serviced for more than 1 year. Chemical Flushing can flush out long-time dirt to revive and refresh your tired-out AC. I could highly recommend doing this service every half a year

3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service (Dismantle)

– Dismantle down the air-con unit

– Dismantle every air-con components

– Clean every component with Aircon chemical and wash it will water

– Install the AC unit to its original place.

This service is a need for extreme use of aircon. Dismantle every component out and wash it to ensure 100% cleanness.

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