Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

Process Of Chemical Overhaul  Service 

  • Systematic examination and cleaning of fancoil
  • Inspecting & chemical washing fancoil’s air filter
  • Dismantling,inspecting & thorough chemical cleaning of cooling coil & water tray with high pressure spray system
  • Check all safety circuits and electrical components
  • Flushing of drainage pipe to clear blockages
  • Testing of aircon unit after each servicing and repair work
  • Thorough sweeping & lubrication to Ensure the aircon operates perfectly without any chockage or noise
  • Experience our outstanding after-sales 90 days warranty
Wall mounted depend on BTU-$100

Aircon service price list

Aircon service price list

Aircon Sevice price list For Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Midea Air conditioner. Most of the common problems . Colling Slowly Aircon noisy Energy Consumption problem Dust problem Gas leakage Water leakage Heat problem Automatic Turn Off Other Problems Above these,...
Aircon service company

Top 5 Factor Choosing Before Aircon Service Company

1. Check their Previous work experience: Before choosing an aircon service company we have the first lookout what are the previous customer's feedback and reviews. Most of the major top Aircon servicing companies will surely have good reviews. So we can easily come to...
Aircon general service

Why General Service Important for Residential

Aircon supporting companies are common in town areas with houses put out on top all throughout the great town. The request for this sort of support is high especially with common building material structures being made left and right which includes houses. Singapore...

sign of Aircon gas topup

Aircon Bubbling Noise Because air conditioners do no longer technically expend refrigerant like gasoline, the primary motive for low levels of refrigerant is a leak. Refrigerant leaks can be hard to locate due to the fact the gasoline is colorless and odorless....
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