Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

Process Of Chemical Overhaul  Service 

  • We do Systematic examination and fully clean the fancoil & Air filter using with a chemical.
  • Dismantling cooling coil & Blower, water tray clean with an anti-bacterial chemical with a high-pressure spray system.
  • we Check all safety circuits and electrical components & clean drainage pipe to clear blockages.
  • We ensure the aircon operates perfectly without any chocking or noise with sweeping & lubrication.
  • we test all your aircon unit after each servicing and repair works by our technician.
  • letscool Offers after-sales 90 days warranty
Wall mounted depend on BTU-$110

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Benefit of chemical overhaul

  • Chemical overhaul means, dismantling the complete Aircon parts and cleaning with chemical
  • this service time inspecting & clean all aircon components.
  • it improves our air conditioner performance and life span.

Difference between Aircon Chemical Overhaul vs chemical wash?

the main difference in aircon chemical was and overhaul is,

Chemical Wash: dismantle the main parts(fan blade, coil, filter, water tray) only and clean with the chemical, high-pressure water system.

Overhaul: Dismantle the complete indoor unit and take out the parts clean with the chemical, high-pressure water, after the reassembling complete test all parts is work done. Read more

how many chemical overhaul service required for your Aircon ?

We recommend a chemical overhaul service with once a year because we (letscool) fully dismantle the aircon parts and clean with chemicals. We also make sure your aircon fully functional without any flaws and give a high cool speed for you

Why to choose letscool for chemical overhaul service?

letscool has a well-experienced technician for chemical overhaul service support all brands. after our service gives 90 days workmanship warranty

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