Aircon General Service

Process Of General Service 

  • We fully Inspect & Cleaning of the Air Filter and Cover
  • Clean the dust and clogs in Cooling Coil and Blower
  • Clearing & Cleaning of Blockages in the Water Tray and Drainage Pipe
  • Letscool offers After-Sales 30 days workmanship warranty for general service

Service Prices:

1 unit- 30$  

( Transportation fees $20 )

2 unit & above – 30$  

( No transportation fees for 2 and above units )

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Benefits for Aircon General services

Regular Aircon services will hugely improve more efficiency for our Aircon and it will also help to overcome the future major aircon problems. It will help to extend more life for our aircon, It also cut down the cost for higher major risk problems. Many Air conditioners are largely occurring problems due to lack of maintenance.

How many month once do general service?

The general service follows base on aircon usage. if you use regularly minimum 10- 12 hrs/ per day keep check 4 months once its for residential. commercial air-conditioner running 20hour per day. that type of Air conditioner should clean 3 months once.

Why Aircon service important during circuit breaker?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a pandemic disease. It spread all over the world in the year 2019. Nearly 10,021,401 affected by this coronavirus in the world till now. In Singapore 43,661 peoples were affected by this coronavirus. According to the WHO statement,...
aircon water leakage

Daikin aircon water leakage

Daikin is the most trustable brand in Singapore. here 53% of peoples using the Daikin Airconditioner for residential and commercial usage. The aircon is an essential appliance for Singapore peoples because the climate is different comparatively Malaysia and Indonesia....
Aircon service price list

Aircon service price list

Aircon Sevice price list For Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Midea Air conditioner. Most of the common problems . Colling Slowly Aircon noisy Energy Consumption problem Dust problem Gas leakage Water leakage Heat problem Automatic Turn Off Other Problems Above these,...
Aircon service company

Top 5 Factor Choosing Before Aircon Service Company

1. Check their Previous work experience: Before choosing an aircon service company we have the first lookout what are the previous customer's feedback and reviews. Most of the major top Aircon servicing companies will surely have good reviews. So we can easily come to...
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