Aircon General Service

Process Of General Service 

  • We fully inspect & cleaning of the air filter and cover
  • Clean the dust and clogs in the cooling coil and blower
  • Cleaning of blockages in the water tray and drainage pipe
  • Letscool offers after-Sales 30 days workmanship warranty for general service.
unit price details
1 unit 30$ + transportation
2 unit 50$
3 unit 75$
4 unit 100$

(No transportation fees for 2 and above units)

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What is aircon general service?

general service is s regular check up for air conditioner. every aircon should check 3 or 4 months once. it helps to maintain the aircon cooling properly. in the service clean the air filter, check the gas level, airflow etc..

Benefits for Aircon General services

Regular Aircon services will hugely improve more efficiency for our Aircon and it will also help to overcome the future major aircon problems. It will help to extend more life for our aircon, It also cut down the cost for higher major risk problems. Many Air conditioners are largely occurring problems due to lack of maintenance.

How many month once do general service?

The general service follows base on aircon usage. if you use regularly minimum 10- 12 hrs/ per day keep check 4 months once its for residential. commercial air-conditioner running 20hour per day. that type of Air conditioner should clean 3 months once.

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