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Best Aircon Service Company in Singapore, We are Doing Multiple Type of Air Conditioner Servicing  And Installation. Aircon General Service, Chemical Wash,  Chemical Overhaul, Installation, Gas Top-up, Ac Repair.

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General Service


  • Unit 1- +
    (Transportation Fee - )
  • Unit 2 & Above- Each
    (No Transportation Fee)





Steam Cleaning


  • Unit 1- +
    (Transportation Fee - )
  • Unit 2 & Above- Each
    (No Transportation Fee)





Chemical Wash


  • Unit 1 -
  • Unit 2 & Above - Each





Chemical Overhaul


  • Unit 1 -


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Letscool Aircon and Services 

 Best aircon company in Singapore and has more than 25+ years of experience in the aircon industry more reliable and trusted company for Aircon servicing and Aircon installation and aircon maintenance for both commercial and residential units with one time and contractual maintenance as well along with the latest equipment and quality products.

We have professionally trained and technical staffs and we do full support for Singapore with all brand and all model support major brands like Mitsubishi (Residential and commercial), Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Midea, etc,

Our suggestion to every customer is maintained your aircon 3 months once for residential and monthly once for commercial

Problems we can solve

Aircon not cold enough?

Check whether the condenser coil is properly cleaned or not. if it is properly cleaned then your aircon will produce a colling air.

Water leakage problem?

It mainly occurs due to some dust or dirt clogged in the drain line. So check a nearby Aircon service company to solve this issue

Aircon noise problem?

Due to fan belt problem or else dust or dirt are formed in the ac unit. if you clean the blower and air filter that will reduce the noise

Aircon light blinking?

your aircon properly working, but sometimes it will automatically turn off and again turn on else your aircon light blinking and indicate error code.

Gas Topup/ Leakage?

check the gas pipeline every service. a gas pipe may leakage and check the gas level if its low call nearby Ac service just refills the gas.

Compressor problem?

In most of the cases compressor problem mainly comes from the broken or faulty capacitors, else compressor refrigerant gas pipe may be damage.

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Google Review's

Chen Ling

This is the third time I am dealing with LetsCool. Very fast booking support and follow up. Very professional as always and transparent. Satisfied. Will definitely work with them again in future. Cheers!
Thank a lot.

Huan Kun

The Letscool Aircon servicemen were professional and only recommended what needed to done. Price was reasonable. They kept the place clean and helped to clean up as much as possible. They used a plastic to cover up my things so as not to wet it accidentally. Good Service.

Ange lika

Very honest and good experience. Others ask me to change the entire aircon system but the only jackey says, need to replace mainboard. Shared with me both the cost, both fixing and replacing. Highly recommended Letscool Aircon

Aqil Firash

Thanks for the good service. Very Professional.
Responsive, on time, and reasonable rates! Great value! Have engaged them 3 times and quality of work have been good. Will continue to support them!

Terry Tan

Thank you Jacky and his team for their professional work in installation of new air-cons for my new home. Very efficient and nicely done. Always on time for their appointments. Delivered quality material as promised and good pricing as compare with elsewhere. Very honest business to engage with and they allow bank transfer. Highly recommend.

We Support All Brands of Aircons

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