Aircon Repair Service

Process Of Repair Service

  • Inspecting & Repair Cooling Speed.
  • Checking  Fan coil and Air filter.
  • Check and repair wire connection
  • Inspecting and cleaning of the air filter and cover.
  • Checking & Repair the Ac compressor performance
  • Checking & Clean water leakage
  • Inspecting Gas pressure

Compressor Repair

compressor repair

Water leakage problem

water leakage problem

Cooling Problem

ac cooling problem

Wiring repair

ac wiring repair

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aircon maintanance

how to maintain aircon when rainy season

4 ways that to guard Your cooling system throughout Monsoons As your Chandler air-con repair specialist, we've many recommendations to assist keep your cooling system safe throughout the summer and on the far side. Trim Back Vegetation Leaves, branches, associated...

sign of Aircon gas topup

Aircon Bubbling Noise Because air conditioners do no longer technically expend refrigerant like gasoline, the primary motive for low levels of refrigerant is a leak. Refrigerant leaks can be hard to locate due to the fact the gasoline is colorless and odorless....

why aircon automatically turn off and on

1. timer problem It may sound obvious, but check whether anyone in your home or office has set the air conditioner to turn on by itself at a certain time, or indeed off. The case may be that the timer is on the wrong setting that will turn off automatically. New model...
daikin error code details

Daikin Aircon Error Code & Details

A1 – Micro-computer in PCB is not working – this is a fault that occurs either in the assembly of the PCB or due to an external factor, such as noise. A3 – Drain level is too high – This is caused by a clogging of dirt in the drain, or a faulty drain pump....
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