Aside from other common aircon problems, having a noisy air conditioner is one of the biggest issues you may experience as an aircon owner. And, if your aircon is making noise, you should try to figure out why it is making noise constantly. Any Aircon noises that are too loud and unfamiliar can be affected by some malfunction or problem that requires special attention. It’s now no longer unusual for air conditioners to make plenty of extraordinary sounds. What is important is that each type of sound that your air conditioner produces can indicate different issues because these noises can reduce anything from a simple tune-up to an expensive repair.

There are a lot of reasons that can cause an aircon to be noisy :


The aircon units that make loud noises always have one thing in common. It is a loose or broken part. Banging is mostly a certain signal that there’s a damaged part — a connecting rod, piston pin or more — within the aircon compressor. Or perhaps, your indoor blower is unbalanced. A banging noise may additionally imply that your device wishes for a compressor replacement.


Clanking is another symptom of a loose or unbalanced part. Parts inside the sealed unit may have failed, and the compressor itself may have become loose and may need replacement. This sound may also indicate that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and its blades are unbalanced and hit other parts. Ignoring this can make these types of problems worse and create bigger problems.


The default port of a system is Clicking on electrical components at start and end. This may be due to a defective control within the unit or a thermostat on its last legs. Because there are many electrical components inside the unit, sound can also be generated by faulty or distorted wiring. When you notice such kinds of noises, Immediately You may hire professional aircon technicians. They will quickly resolve your aircon issue with a professional.

Solutions for the aircon noise issue

You can continue to aircon service properly, and you may stay away from aircon noise issues. And that kind of aircon issue can be stressful. Also, you can install sound panels around the air conditioner unit. And it should be placed a few feet away from the unit. It also significantly reduces the noise emitted from the air conditioning unit to be comfortable. Letscool aircon service will shortly solve your aircon issue with experienced technicians.

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