Daikin is the most trustable brand in Singapore. here 53% of peoples using the Daikin Airconditioner for residential and commercial usage. The aircon is an essential appliance for Singapore peoples because the climate is different comparatively Malaysia and Indonesia. incase the aircon was a problem that family will suffer. because the aircon flow is less in the city, because of the large building is there. so they think need an immediate solution for the air conditioner.

The common problems of Airconditioner (Daikin)

  • Water leakage problem (water dripping)
  • Slow cooling

these two problems only happen mostly on the Daikin system other problems not happen it may happen after 5 years.

Dakin gives 5 years compressor warranty so the compressor is working well.

How to Solve Aircon Water leakage

  1. Remove the Air conditioner front panel
  2. Remove and clean the air filter pad
  3. Dismantling the cooling seam and clean with the chemical
  4. Clean the cooling coil
  5. Clan the Blower (Fan Blade)
  6. After clean dry the parts (without water)then assembling the parts

Now your water dripping problem was solved it’s called Aircon chemical cleaning.

6 months once follow a chemical wash- it helps to maintain your aircon parts, prevent the major issue.

Letscool has experienced technicians for Aircon service. Here can book your appointment for aircon water leakage problem.
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