If you’re dealing with an aircon making too much noise, don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue. Experienced technicians can easily fix it. Here we give the major ethics to know the issues of noisy aircon so that you could easily prevent your aircon from the problem and save the money from repair. 

What are the causes of aircon noise?

Air conditioning noise is a common problem in homes and offices. There are several causes of aircon noise, including clogged filters, dirty coils, and blocked vents. Parts might not be fixed properly, and If your air conditioner is making a lot of noise, it’s important to identify the cause and take corrective action. Clogged filters can be cleaned or replaced, dirty coils can be cleaned, and technical experts can clear blocked vents. If the noise persists, it may be necessary to have the air conditioner serviced.

Here, we mention some of the noisy sounds so that we can easily solve them:

Banging – The banging sound you can get from the blower because the blower might be imbalanced. And it indicates the News is Needed for compressor replacement. So when you hear that sound, you should solve that issue with experienced technicians. 

Clanking – This sound might be loose or imbalanced parts in the blower or fan, indicating the compressor might be faulty or need to be replaced. 

Clicking – Clicking commonly happens in the iron when it starts or shuts down the system. But when you hear the sound, you can contact the expert and solve the issues.


  • It might be Loose inside parts
  • It might be Debris in either the indoor or outdoor unit
  • It might be a Fan motor failure in the outdoor unit
  • It might be The blower is unbalanced
  • It might be The compressor need to be clean

Humming – A humming sound indicates that parts might be loose or unbalanced, or the   refrigerant leaks. So when you hear the humming sound, you should solve the issues with an expert. 

What are the benefits of resolving the aircon noise issue?

The benefits of resolving the aircon noise issue are numerous. The most obvious benefit is that it will make the office a more pleasant place to work. In addition, resolving the noise issue can improve worker productivity and reduce the number of sick days taken by employees. Resolving the aircon noise issue can also improve the company’s image and help to attract new employees.

So if your aircon is making too much noise, try some of the tips mentioned above for a few minutes. You can always call a professional technician  to sort out the noise issues.

Tips to prevent aircon noise issues

If you’re bothered by the noise your air conditioner makes, there are some things you can do to try to reduce the noise. One of the air conditioner noises in Singapore is the compressor.

Compressors are located outside, so if your air conditioner makes a lot of noise, it’s likely coming from the compressor. There are a few things you can do to try to reduce the noise coming from your compressor.

  • First, make sure that your compressor is properly installed. If it’s not installed correctly, it can vibrate and make a lot of noise.
  • Second, try to insulate your compressor. You can do this by wrapping it in a blanket or putting it in a box. This will help to reduce the amount of sound that comes.
  • Third, make sure that the area around your compressor is clear. If there are any obstacles around your compressor, it can cause the compressor to vibrate and make noise.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to reduce the amount of noise your air conditioner makes.

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