Singapore is already a hot country along with exceedingly high temperatures. So you might want to beat the heat in Singapore right? In the place of HDB, Landed, Condo, Commercial, We want to install the aircon and want to replace the old aircon. But however you install the aircon for your place is not important, the important thing is how we should maintain the aircon for long years. So, our suggestion for every client is to maintain your aircon Consistently. In this blog, we will explain to you how you can maintain your aircon regularly and easily. Get essential tips for 2022 from here.  

Why should I maintain my aircon regularly?

The basic terms of maintenance (aircon servicing) are the help of avoiding huge aircon repair costs and electric bills. When you do not get huge aircon repair costs, so dynamically you will not face major aircon repair. It means your aircon can balance the good effective function for long days. Then, automatically you could get fresh cooling air without any struggles so that it automatically saves electricity. 

Tips to Maintain the air conditioner

Top 8 tips for maintaining the aircon to beat the heat in Singapore and also avoid the unnecessary issues arising from the aircon. In these tips, we ensure it could be very effective and more useful to you. 

Do aircon servicing regularly

Keep your aircon servicing regularly, The regular aircon service will clean all dirt and dust from coil, filter, steamer, etc., the clean result could not store more dirt, So that performance you could avoid major aircon issues and save your aircon for long days. Do aircon service properly by the expert guidance of a professional aircon service company. 

Clean the Air Filters 

 The Filter will help prevent the dirt and dust from entering into evaporator coils. If you do not clean the Filter Consistently, then more dust particles accumulate in Filter, so that issue might reduce the cooling efficiency by airflow blocking. It means you could not get faster and proper cooling as you expect. If you want to get fresh cooling air, you should clean your filter to avoid airflow blocking by forming dirt.  Clean the Filter by using water every month and replace the Filter twice to thrice a month once. It benefits from avoiding more dust particles to get the performance of efficient cooling.

Clean the Evaporator Coils 

The Evaporator coil also Forms the thin particles from outside. It might affect the absorption heat.  Clean or remove the front cover of the aircon to clean the filter and also clean the Evaporator coil and Front cover. If you clean yourself, you can use a Vacuum or Brush to clean the dirt, or If you think it’s more difficult, you can get assistance from professional experts from the best aircon servicing company.  One of the important Maintenance of aircon is Filter and Evaporator Coil, Cause the two parts to make good aircon performance by giving best cooling airflow. Air Conditioners essential factor is to get the cooling right? So can do aircon service properly and avoid possible issues. 

Clean Drain Pipe 

In Drainage pipe it is possible to form a clogged drain pipe by accumulated dirt. If the drain pipe is clogged then it automatically impacts the aircon efficiency performance. So clean the drain pipe by using water or solution with the help of experienced experts. 

Check Thermostat settings

 It’s very essential to check the thermostat settings. Because thermostat smart function is one of the works of Cooling process. So you should regularly check the thermostat function to see if it is correctly working or not. Another benefit of the thermostat function is saving electric bills and Increasing the cooling system. If your thermostat is faulty or does not work, get a proper solution from a professional aircon service company. 

Check Leakages 

The aircon Maintenance is you should follow by regular aircon services like for Fan coil and Compressor. If you did not care about it, your aircon might be given water leak and gas leak issues, so you might face major aircon repair issues. So consistently check your aircon if it’s leaking and do aircon service properly to avoid such issues. 

Check Refrigerant level

One of the considerations is Refrigerant in aircon Maintenance. It’s vital to check the level of usage. Cause, If the refrigerant level is reduced you could not get faster cooling and efficient performance from your aircon. So should check your gas level (PSI-Volume Of Usage) properly, If might below. Can refill the appropriate gas for your aircon with the help of more experienced technicians. 

Get aircon servicing Contract 

Why aircon servicing Contract? If you have an aircon for your place of residence or commercial where you could not maintain the aircon properly by itself, or you did not have time to service and maintain your aircon. You just might take the servicing contract quarterly or yearly by a professional aircon servicing company.  If you take the contract from an expert. They will properly maintain your aircon and during the service their technicians are will properly check the gas level, filter, coil, steamer, condenser, clean dirt, etc.,  The benefits of the contract could save your cost from unwanted repairs and save your aircon for long years.  Still, you did not book a servicing Contract? No worries, Get a contract with us at 9862 3678.  The above indicated the maintenance 8 tips are we hope that will be more useful to you. Letscool aircon service is one of recommended and suggested aircon servicing companies to solve all aircon troubles and maintain the aircon by the servicing contract. Get More service quotations and details with the help of our experts at 9862 3678. Letscool helpline
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