• Clean the filters – A filter helps to prevent dust particles from entering into evaporator coils. If not cleaned regularly, dust particles accumulated on the filter may block airflow through it and thus reduce your AC’s cooling efficiency. You need to clean the filter with plain water almost every month. Sometimes, you may need to replace the filter, if it is damaged. In general, the filter is located behind your AC’s front cover, close to the evaporator coils. So you may need to remove the front cover to clean the filters. Make sure that you unplug your AC before performing the task. Ideally, you should remove the filter and wash it with warm water. You can use a little detergent or soap in the water for better cleaning. Wipe the filter with dry clothes and make sure that the filter is completely dry before you reinstall it.


  • Clean the evaporator coils – Even though the filter helps prevent dust particles from soiling the evaporator coils, some particles may still find their way into the evaporator coils. This may eventually affect the evaporator’s ability to absorb heat. This is exactly why you should clean the coils regularly. Every time you remove the front cover of your AC for cleaning the filters, you should also clean the evaporator coils and the cover. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush for cleaning. The aluminum fins on the evaporator coils are usually very thin and susceptible to bending, so be careful when cleaning the fins.


  • Flush the drain channels – A clogged drainage system may affect your AC’s ability to reduce humidity, which may eventually result in excessive moisture in your rooms. In order to clean the drain tube, you need to remove it from your air conditioner and then run a thin, solid wire through the drain tube. You can also mix chlorine bleach with water and flush the drainage tube with the solution.
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