Reason to Happen Airconditioner Water Leakage. 

Aircon remove humidity and heat from a house by taking indoor air and passing it over a cooling coil. Humidity, that can be seen as water droplets, is present on the coil. When the droplets have become large enough, they will wrong to a condensation pan that is below. The water collected is then delivered outdoors through a condensation drain in the interior. If this water starts bleeding, there are some problems that can appear. Some common problems associated with leaking air conditions are mildew and mold. Mildew or mold is calamitous as it will start ruining interior finishes of a home.

If you are living in Singapore, there are two main methods you can use for aircon leakage prevention. You can implement some preventive measures which will ensure your aircon does not leak. another option, a professional and experienced aircon technician can check your unit often. If the leak has started, you can follow a simple aircon leakage prevention process.

A process of stop to water leakage

Get a flashlight to find the leaking part and try to find the leaking point. If you find that water appears to come room the interior of a metal housing, turn it and all electrical power off. The air handler’s interior drain pan should be accessed. Have a see at the manufacturer’s manual to find the service door. Open it and take a look inside. If the coil does not have any ice and the moisture pan has been filled with water drops, debris should be filling the drain pipe.

Check for any moisture in the drain tube especially if it drains aircon outdoors. Debris from rodents may be present inside the drainpipe. Check for obstructions in the drain tube when a rubber hose is used for drainage. Clean the tube using a wire that is long and stiff. If the cooling coil has been iced over, restore the air filter. When there is reduced air flow, the coil is likely to form ice that normally seeds water to start leaking from the unit. If clean the air filter does not work, you should think of replacing it.


Note: Every 3 months after must do General Aircon Service. if you don’t do service, Aircon not working properly

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