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It might be considered the parent company, but the Electric is a major challenge to it. Some Singaporeans are contented by the service delivery of the Mitsubishi Heavy aircon systems. They develop reliable systems that can last for long enough. Their units can also serve a bigger room, and there will be no worry, regardless of the size of the room.

Mitsubishi heavy aircon

Benefits of the Mitsubishi Heavy Aircon Units


Longer Experience

This is one of the top benefits of the MHI units. The company was developed in 1870, meaning that it delivers high-quality units that are dependable and efficient enough. With a long experience, the MHI units are known to be developed with the user’s consideration.

Small Aircond Systems With Top Performance

The MHI air con units are also developed with less watt, but they can deliver top results. For the case, there are the .75 non-inverter units that are only 760 watts. Compare to other units that have 1,000 watts, the Mitsubishi Heavy delivers equal performance. With this, it will help you to save on the cost of electricity and get the best results.

Cost effective

The MHI units are proven to be cost-effective, as they will help to cut on the costs and offer top performance. The non-inverter systems have fewer wattage ratings, but they run on equal grounds with other units that have a higher wattage rating. This is a feature that lets you save on the costs of the electrical bills. Naturally, a higher wattage will consume more energy than a lower wattage unit. The good thing about this is that the HVI systems deliver aircon general service.

Quiet systems

With the Mitsubishi Heavy units, they run quietly, and you will not experience any noises as you are using the MHI Aircon units. Regardless of the size, they will work quietly, without making any noise as the system is running aircon servicing.

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Mitsubishi Electric Aircon

This is the other Mitsubishi brand that is known to develop a high-quality and super reliable AC system. The brand delivers some of the most advanced air con units around Singapore. They are also known to convey systems that are durable enough.

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Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric


One feature of the Mitsubishi Electric system is that it has heat exchange fins that are separated from each other. They have space in between them, which allows air and heat to move swiftly. They will get clogged less often, which makes the entire unit more durable. Since they will not be able to be clogged by dirt or other debris, they will not heat up easily.

Smart Technology

The Mitsubishi Electric comes with highly advanced features. With these features, they become easier to manage and operate. There is the wireless functionality that allows you to control it remotely. There is also a feature that makes them stable enough to control the hot and cold air in any room, regardless of the size.

Quiet Systems

The Systems are also silent as they will not have the normal aircon noises as they are running. This is a factor that makes them a top choice for many homes and offices. They can run efficiently without making irritating noises.


The Mitsubishi Electric systems are quite easy to use since they have a system that doesn’t require manual control. With this, it enhances the comfort to the user, since they will not have to get up to adjust the settings trusted aircon service company.

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