The performance of an aircon goes down with time. If you notice carefully, you’ll find that your air con is not cooling the way it used to when you bought it new. You may also find that your electricity bill have regularly gone up due to high power drawn by your AC for doing the same cooling. However, this does not mean that any permanent damage have happened to your aircon. In fact, most of the times lower cool is the result of dust and dirt which had accumulated over time in the air con.

One of the first things you want to do when you find out that your air con is not working properly is to contact an aircon servicing professional to find out the problem. If the professional finds out that there is nothing wrong with your air con and the lower cooling is the result of accumulated dirt and dust, then it is time for proper chemical cleaning of your aircon. It is important to note that almost all of the other parts in the air con can be cleaned without the use of chemicals but when it comes to cleaning of Aircon compressor, chemical cleaning becomes necessary.

In simple terms, aircon chemical cleaning of your Aircon compressor involves passing certain chemical-based cleaners to clean the embedded dirt. These high quality chemical cleaners are powerful enough to bind the accumulated dirt with them and drain it out.

Aircon Chemical cleaning of Aircon compressor has many great benefits some of which are listed below:

Power Savings

With proper aircon chemical wash cleaning, your aircon will be worked on its full capacity and will consume very low power. As there is no dust to hinder the airflow, the AC compressor will be able to chill the air and push it through the pipes without needing any additional power. This way, you will saved a good amount of money on lower electricity bill.

Savings on Maintenance Cost

Another advantage of chemical cleaning is that the air conditioner will not require aircon maintenance every now and then. This means fewer maintenance calls and low expenses. Since chemical cleaning results in complete aircon chemical overhaul of the aircon compressor, you can rest assured that you will not be facing any issues with your AC for the next few months and your Aircon will keep you safe from the scorching heat.

Respite from Breathing and Respiratory Problems

Clean AC unit also means that there won’t be any breathing or respiratory problems for people inside the house or office. It is a fact that harmful airborne bacteria and viruses can survive in most and dirty space in the air conditioner. These harmful bacteria then need floating in the air and if proper chemical cleaning is not done, these can spread in the house/office and can result in various diseases. Therefore, it is important to get aircon chemical cleaning done at regular intervals to avoid any such bacteria.

Eradication of Mold

Damp and dirty spaces such as those inside a dirty AC are perfect breeding ground for mold and other harmful bacteria. Proper chemical cleaning can get rid of mold and harmful bacteria before it become a big problem. It is important to note that AC can push the mold through the air to clothes and curtain and it can result in big mold infestation.

Enhance the Life of Your A/C Unit

Chemical cleaning of Aircon compressor will improve the life of your AC unit by a few years. Experts recommend to get your AC chemically cleaned every three months in case of residential units. For commercial air con, it is recommended to chemically clean AC each month. This will not only enhanced the life of the unit but will also lower the energy bill.

Elimination of Water Leakage

In addition to aircon cleaning, the process also helps in pinpointing any water leakage issues. Water leakage can result in heavy damage to the AC unit itself as well as the walls. Therefore, a regular chemical cleaning will allow you to become aware of any water leakage issues and take care of it before it become a big problem.

Overall, accumulation of dust or other chemical inside the Aircon compressor heavily affects the performance of the Aircon unit. Therefore, regular and timely AC chemical cleaning and will not only help you in keeping the air clean but also enhance the performance of the aircon.

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