In Singapore, a summer air conditioner is essential for homes, offices. So buying the best air conditioner is a must.

Aircon will give good comfort and cool your place. There are two most popular options are there in Singapore one is non-invertor ac and the other is Inverter ac. Both will give a good cooling space.

inverter aircon is used advanced machines that utilize a controlled compressor, while non-inverter ac are less advanced with a default compressor. They are somewhat similar to their features, performance, and efficiency, Here we look out the pros and cons of inverter aircon and non-inverter ac

Inverter aircon has a different compressor unit compared to non-inverter aircon.

Inverter aircon can easily save power consumption because they can control the compressor and reduce the energy so the electricity bill will be vastly reduced. but non-invertor aircon can excess more energy so it leads to more power consumption.

inverter ac vs noninverter ac

Inverter aircon cost is quite high when compared to non-inverter aircon. The initial price for inverter aircon is high and installation charges also high so non-inverter aircon is much cheaper.

Inverter aircon Advantages :

  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Reliable performances.
  • Higher lifespan

Disadvantages :

  • The cost of the Inverter aircon is high compared to the other one.

Non Inverter aircon advantages:

  1. cheaper and easily accessible
  2. Best performances.


  1. It is somewhat noisy compared to the other one.

So we conclude both are evenly matched in performance and efficiency.non inverter air conditioner is cost-effective when compared to inverter aircon.

So whatever your decision, you can rely on letscool for aircon services, maintenance, and ac installation

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