Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a pandemic disease. It spread all over the world in the year 2019. Nearly 10,021,401 affected by this coronavirus in the world till now. In Singapore 43,661 peoples were affected by this coronavirus. According to the WHO statement, this pandemic virus spread through airborne transmission. Inhaling small airborne droplets is probable as a third route of infection of coronavirus.

Aircon service is one of the important processes for our aircon to keep our surroundings clean and healthy as well as breathe hygiene air. If your aircon is not serviced it cause various problem like Reduce cooling, increase the consumption of electricity, and water leakage problems, etc. 

Aircon services are general service, steam cleaning, aircon chemical wash, aircon chemical overhaul. These services are used to clean our aircon to increase the life span of aircon, improve efficiency, and reduce emergency repairs and also improve the quality of air. Based on research conduct scientists suggest that the amount of bacteria and pollutants found in indoor air is 100 times more than that of outdoor worries a lot. Aircon helps to purify the air we breathe indoor through their filter. These filters hold dirt and bacteria particles so its essential to clean these filters regularly to avoid unwanted health issues. Aircon is one of the essential things in day to day life so we have to maintain the aircon properly by doing all kinds of service to make our self and our surroundings stay healthy.

Letscool management checks the temperature of every technician every day. Our technician wears a mask and gloves and sanitizes after each aircon service. Our company follows all types of safety guidelines and health standards issued by the Singapore government.

Normally we service our aircon in the regular interval but in the COVID-19  circuit breaker period, we service our aircon frequently to prevent bacteria and viruses. Aircon service not only cleans our air conditioners it also clean the aircon from bacteria and germs.

So aircon is the one of a reason to spread the pandemic virus through that’s why we need to service the aircon in this circuit breaker period.

 aircon service circuit breaker

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