There many reasons why your is AC not cooling

The six major reasons are:

  1. Dirty Airfilter
  2. Incorrect thermostat setting
  3. Dirty outdoor unit
  4. Faulty motor
  5. Damaged compressor


Dirty Airfilter:

If an AC unit’s Air filter is clogged for too long, you may experience a failure of the entire system. When the air filter is dirty, the whole unit struggles to run efficiently. Not only you will repair the unit, but also you have to replace the unit

Incorrect thermostat:

If the thermostat is not in the correct location, it will not be able to read accurately the temperature. A thermostat is not in the correct place or it has dirty inside leads to a short cycle. In such cases, you will have to repair it

aircon not properly clean

Dirty outdoor unit:

Your outside AC unit is sitting outside, so it’s getting dirt and debris easily.
The compressor and condenser are the parts that are located outside. The major work of the outdoor unit is to release the heat. If there is no proper airflow around the coils, your AC could release overheat and also breakdown can occur.

Faulty motor:

The fan motor part is the major unit in an AC system. It’s the part that pumps airflow through the system without the circulation of air, your AC would not cool your home once this happens your AC unit can lead to frequent repair and replacements

low refrigerant gas:

If there is a leak in the parts of AC, it indicates that you are low on refrigerant.A hissing or bubbling noise is reduced in the parts

Aircon maintenance

Blow Hot Air from the indoor unit?

aircon not cooling

4 Common reasons why your AC Blowing HOT Air


  1. Thermostat control may be repair
  2. Evaporator coil caused might not be clean
  3. Outdoor AC unit not maintained properly(compressor motor)
  4. Low on Refrigerant gas

if your Aircon Not Cooling?

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