Are you want to know about the Aircon Installation Guide? In Singapore, there are many companies available who can be trusty doing the work for aircon Installation. It is easy for you to choose a professional aircon service company only if you know about the basic aircon installation principles. But don’t worry if you don’t know about the aircon Installation guide. Here we guide you about aircon Installation principles for this year of 2024. So that you may get an idea of aircon Installation and factors to consider before aircon Installation

Few things to keep in mind before Aircon Installation

* First, choose where you place your aircon unit 

       One of the basic general things first you should choose the place for aircon Installation. So that we can easily select the aircon brand and its required materials.

* Second, select to Install which kind of aircon type want to suit your location 

       These days the Best aircon types for aircon Installation here we mentioned. Such an aircon type is more suitable for your HDB, Condo, Landed, Private property, Commercial, etc. 

Split aircon – Split air con can help of more energy-saving and best choice for your home

Centralized aircon : In this type of aircon suitable for all places, you may get cooling evenly.

* Third, Choose EER- aircon Brand for aircon Installation 

EER – Energy Efficiency rating. It benefits you to save your electric bill. After aircon Installation, you could get the best cooling efficiency as well

 * Four, Your Home is Electrical load

      Before aircon Installation, you should note your electrical load; generally, For HDB, a 15 amp or 20 amp isolator important for aircon Installation. Regarding HDB, condo, landed, BTO, etc., aircon installation, there are some guidelines and regulations in Singapore that you will need to discuss with experts. For that, it is best to engage a professional aircon servicing company to solve this issue for you.

 * Five, You will need to know BTU size

     The correct BTU size can help with efficient cooling. The exact BTU is to reduce your electricity charge and provide more coverage of full cooling in your place. 


What Materials needed for Aircon Installation : 


PVC drainage pipe – This pipe connects to the fan coil unit and works to drain condensed water. This has a standard size of 13mm and 16 mm in diameter, But a 16mm model will allow better water flow from the fan coil.

Armaflex Insulation – The thicker insulation is better for aircon Installation. The Armaflex insulation has ½ inch Armaflex and 3/8 inch Armaflex insulation. The thicker the insulation, the more likely it is to absorb condensation from the water pipes. So that it prevents water leak issues

Electrical wire Cable, Electrical wire cable, consists of two models ( 3 core 40 wires and three core 70 wires). And you can consider 3C70 wire. 3C70 is better than other wires.

Copper Pipe 

Copper Pipe to connect the fan coil unit to the compressor. and it is Happening the transport of Refrigerant gas between there. It is recommended that you purchase G22 copper pipes instead of the standard G23. This is because The G22 copper pipe is thicker. Hence it prevents gas leak.


The stainless steel bracket is preferred for aircon Installation. You could buy a high-quality stainless steel bracket from a professional aircon service company. and It supports when installing your aircon so that it is fastened securely

Aircon Trunking 

Its trunking can help by hiding all aircon installation materials. The trunking is more visible to see the HDB flats but condo or landed property. It conceals the materials, so you will not see them there. Suppose you want to know more about trunking. You can get advice from experts.

Important Guidelines while aircon Installation :

– Strength of wall to hold to the aircon – Correct space between wall and aircon – Proper spacing height from ground – correctly install the angle of aircon – install the outdoor unit beside of fan coil – properly connect the circuit Board – properly Install the piping between internal and external unit

 What Factor to Avoid during aircon Installation :

– Don’t purchase improperly purchasing air conditioner – Don’t buy poor Insulations – Don’t choose a wrong place for aircon Installation – Don’t place over the distance between internal and external unit – Don’t buy poor electrical wire


The above aircon Installation guide is more useful to you when you buy the air conditioner. Letscool aircon service provides the best aircon installation service through 25+ years of technical experts. We provide the best aircon brands and quality of aircon upgraded materials for aircon Installation. So If you look forward to aircon Installation for your place, you can hire here. We will help you with highly Knowledge technical experts. and Our company provides the offers of aircon Installation such as best warranty and free site inspection. and We support all aircon brands for aircon servicing. If your aircon issue or you want aircon Installation in your place, you can immediately call here; our experts will help you quickly 


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