The Air Conditioner is most prominent on hot days in Singapore. If your aircon runs overtime without maintenance more major issues may occur. Once the problems begin to happen, you will not be able to enjoy the cooling experience of your air conditioner.

Here we guide you on why your aircon faces the problem and how to overcome these issues.

Water leak Issue 

A water leak problem can be caused by many other issues such as dirty air conditioners, condensation, Algae, and much more. When you notice your aircon leaking water, you should hire professional technical assistance,so they will sort out your issue very quickly. We have to maintain the Aircon regularly to last long .

Aircon Refrigerant  Gas Leakage 

Is your aircon gas leaking? The main reason is improper service. and The symptoms of aircon gas leakage are an aircon blowing hot air, another one is not cold. If your aircon leaks gas in any parts around the aircon, you will need to contact a professional aircon service company to solve your Aircon issue.

Dirty aircon Filter

The dirty air filter stops the efficient performance of cooling. Because the clogged air filter restricts the airflow, decreasing the efficiency of your aircon parts. So we have to check the air filter regularly and service your air con through highly experienced technicians to avoid this kind of Aircon issue.

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

If the evaporator coil freezes your air conditioner does not receive enough air needed by an air conditioning system to function. The Frozen Evaporator Coil Issue might stop the aircon performance. To avoid these kinds of issues you should service your Air Conditioner regularly. So our Aircon runs smoothly.

Thermostat Problem 

If your aircon Thermostat does not work properly, a cooling issue might occur. Because the Thermistor sensor is one of the parts to get effective cooling. So If your thermostat is faulty or broken, you can contact a professional aircon service company, and they can solve your aircon issues quickly.

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