Air Conditioners are most important for homes, offices, malls, etc., In particular, we prefer to install the aircon in our Singapore Country to reduce the heat. A lot of people have been involved in buying an aircon for their places but some of them make several mistakes during the installation. So before the aircon installation, you should avoid the mistakes to get proper and quality aircon installation and performance.

Mistakes you should avoid when installing the aircon :

1. Wrong size aircon Unit 

During the aircon installation, you should consider buying the right size of aircon. Because the wrong size of the aircon unit gives a lot of trouble and might increase the electric bill. If you don’t know the right size BTU (aircon) for your place. You should take the experienced and reliable servicing contractor’s advice to get the correct size of aircon. 

2. Wrong Position for aircon 

While aircon installation you should avoid choosing the wrong place to insert the aircon. The wrong position did not give efficient cooling and might take overtime to cool the surrounding place. and constantly might stop working. To avoid these unnecessary issues, you should install the aircon with the help of experienced technicians and a professional aircon company. The expert only knows the right position and professional installation.

3. Insulation Failure

The insulation proper insertion is more important for aircon installation. Cause, the insulation is not done properly might affect aircon performance. So you should buy quality and thicker insulation to perform for long days and done properly by experts. 

4. Thermistor setting wrong

The thermistor sensor is one of the parts of the cooling system. If not done properly, then affect the cooling system and might get more heat too. So get help from an expert to set the thermistor properly. 

5. Don’t Choose an unprofessional service contractor

If you want to install the aircon for your places, you should avoid choosing the wrong servicing contractor. Because the unprofessional contractor did not have any experience in the aircon industry and did not have high-quality aircon materials etc, So you should engage with a professional aircon installation company to get the best quality material and best aircon installation in Profesional. 


Letscool is here to provide the best aircon installation with highly experienced technicians. We provide a Free site survey, so you could easily get the best advice from our experts and get the best installation with us.

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