What is a yearly aircon Maintenance contract?

aircon running every day so we should maintain properly, clean 3 months once is better to improve the air quality, in a day to day life we cannot remember the service date, because we are busy in work and family. But we keep maintaining our family health. Letscool Aircon Pte Ltd, provides quality of aircon maintenance 100% aircon problem-solves with a workmanship warranty for every service.


Benefits of Yearly Maintenance

  • Letscool now offers yearly aircon service maintenance at affordable prices, your can save 50$ per year with letscool aircon service.
  • In yearly aircon maintenance, we provide 3-time service
  • Our technician remains 2days before the date of service via WhatsApp or call
  • Customer support available (Whatsapp / call)
  • HDB, Condo, Industrial & Commercial users can apply for a yearly package.

What is One time Aircon service?

The one time aircon service means when your aircon problem occurs call the near by aircon service center they come and service your air conditioner. problems like: water leakage, cooling not well, Aircon noisy problem, Automatic turn-off and turn-on, gas leakage, etc..

in singapore many companies available for aircon service in cheap prices, But you should know before choosing an aircon service company if you are not choose right company your air conditioner life time will reduce no loger life.

Which one is the best Yearly contract or One time service

A yearly aircon contract is best to compare then one time service. reasons is contractor take care of our air conditioner. They continuously check ac within a time intervals. If any fault on ac they repair perfectly.

Letscool aircon service have experienced technicians with 25+ years of experience in the aircon industry.

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