Daikin aircon is the most popular brand in Singapore because Daikin is given the most wanted and expected aircon cooling efficiency. Many people preferred to buy an aircon in Daikin like the place of home, offices, malls, etc., But as well, many of them ask why my Daikin aircon has stopped working. So here we briefly discuss the issue of Daikin aircon and how to solve it. 

Reasons for Daikin aircon not working : 

Basically the aircon stops working without maintenance of the aircon. If your aircon is not serviced properly then you could face a lot of issues like not cold, water leak, etc., here we give major aircon reasons for aircon not working. 

  • Thermistor Fault 
  • Air Filter and Evaporator coil dirt 
  • Aircon parts might broken
  • Compressor Fault
  • Water leaking

These 5 reasons are basically considered when the aircon stops working.

Thermistor Fault

The thermistor sensor helps to provide the best cooling in our place. It’s one of the best parts of the Cooling system. If your aircon thermistor is faulty, then it affects efficient cooling and could not get the best temperature to cool the place. The common problem of thermistor fault is you should not replace the part by yourself, because it is quite dangerous. so you should take expert advice and solve the issue professionally.


Air Filter and Evaporator coil dirt :

The aircon performs a chance to collect more dirt from outside. The aircon service will remove all dirt and accumulated dust particles , so that the air filter and coil will remove all dirts. When you clean the filter and coil , after that your aircon could not affect airflow it meant we could get fresh cooling air. So the expert advice is that you should do aircon service properly to avoid aircon issues. 


Aircon parts might broken : 

The aircon parts might affect their efficiency when you skip the aircon service. The aircon service will save the parts efficiency and their performance for long years but if you did not maintain the aircon and did not clean the parts properly, then your aircons might lose their quality function and sometimes break. If your aircon parts are broken, you could replace your parts by engaging with a professional aircon service company.  


Compressor Fault : 

The aircon stopped working. One of the main reasons is that the compressor is at Fault. Is your compressor repaired? Here we give a common reason why your compressor is repaired :   

  • The compressor is overload 
  • Gas leak in Unit
  • The use of incorrect oil 
  • Might be a short circuit Failure
  • Parts Overheating 

If your aircon compressor is faulty. You should engage with a professional aircon service company to solve the issue and replace the compressor professionally. 

Water leaking :

The aircon water leak happens when the refrigerant leaks out and mixes with the air conditioner’s condenser coil. It will then return to its liquid form and drip through the coil until it reaches the ground. This is because water evaporates at a lower temperature than any other substance, like ammonia, so it will be left behind as steam. And the over accumulated dirt is also one of the ways to make the issue water leak. If your aircon has a water leak issue , you could solve the issue by professional experts 

Hope you could understand after reading this blog why aircon has stopped working. You could avoid all types of aircon issues by proper aircon servicing. Letscool will provide all types of aircon service and we solve all types of aircon problems at a reasonable price with the best warranty. 

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