Aircon installation is a must in our places, In particular  Singapore country. We are well aware of the atmosphere of Singapore right? So every Singaporean prefers the air conditioner in their places. But here we briefly describe the aircon installation tips for HDB flats in Singapore. For HDB flats, we could easily get the best aircon installation with basic tips. Before aircon installation we should know the basic tips to get a right installation and best aircon our place . For other places of condo , commercial, landed etc., these places we could not easily find the quotation but for HDB/BTO flat we could easily choose the right aircon which includes the right size. Because they typically have some basic BTU (size of aircon for room, living , kitchen etc.,) so easily we could get the best aircon installation for our HDB flats. 

To know more about the installation tips for HDB flats :

Before hiring the contractor or before aircon installation, you should analyze and should know the basic tips to find a reliable aircon installation for your place. When you know the tips for installation, you could easily enquire with the aircon service contractor as well as it will help with getting the best installation. The basic tips are :

Decide which place you want to install the aircon 

Before the installation, you just first select the place like which places you just need to install the aircon. Because the aircon should be bought based on location, so first decide the place like its living room, bedroom, kitchen or all the places. so decide which place you want to make cool. 

Choose the top aircon brand with the EER model 

Choose the top aircon brand with EER (Energy Efficient Rating). Why choose the top aircon brand? Because the top aircon brand has a long-lasting durable function, save the electric bill, smart functions, easy to maintain, etc We suggest top aircon brand is DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI, MIDEA & PANASONIC, etc Choose this one of the aircon to get all smart features function. 

Select the right size of aircon based on your place 

It’s more important to know the BTU size before buying an aircon. Because the right size of aircon will give efficient cooling, save the electricity and avoid installation troubles, etc., Various sizes of aircon are there in all brands. It’s all based on place like room, living, etc., The aircon size is differ based on a small and large place. 

Example:  Room – 9k BTU, Master bedroom – 12k BTU, Living room – 18k BTU if large 24k BTU and Living plus dining 24k BTU.

This kind of BTU is most suitable for your place of HDB flats. Make an inquiry about the size of aircon-based above consideration BTU.

Choose Upgraded aircon materials 

Choose Upgrade Materials with the proper Guidelines of experts. The best material to give a long erection and prevent aircon leaking etc.

  • 22g copper pipings
  • Keystone wire 
  • ½ inch class 0 armaflex
  • 16mm drainage pipe with insulation

Choose professional aircon experts for installation 

When you decide to install the aircon for your place, you should hire professional aircon experts for aircon installation. The experts are well known about the installation procedure and they perfectly install the indoor and outdoor units.  

Aircon Installation – Should enquire with experts, they know the connection of piping and aircon, etc., so get proper installation with a professional aircon service company.

Consider: Before the installation should do a site inspection to make an easy way while the installation. 

We hope the basic tips are more useful to you while the aircon installation, In order for HDB flats. 

Letscool aircon service supports HDB flat customers for aircon installation. Get your expected brand with us at a reasonable price.  Free installation & Free site survey. To know more, please reach us at +65 9450 7178. ( call/ WhatsApp )

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