What is Chemical Cleaning?

In simple terms, aircon chemical wash is the process of cleaning the internal components of an air con with chemicals.

The process involve dismantling the internal parts, including the evaporator coils, filters, and condenser, and immersing those in a chemical solution. This helps to removed any sticky dirt particles and corrosive acids from the internal parts.

The technician may also flush the internal drainage pipes with the chemical solution. In order to get the best aircon service benefit of aircon wash, you should hire an acclaimed company that has years of experience in providing aircon servicing singapore.

Reputable companies checks your aircon for any faulty parts, and suggest you if any parts want to be replaced. This means that after you service aircon with chemical, you can expect your system to perform as good as new.

Benefits of Chemical Wash

If you are not sure why you could opt for aircon chemical wash, take a look at the following benefits.

Improves air quality

After a aircon chemical wash, your system breathes fresh and clean air. An improve indoor air quality helps prevent respiratory diseases or any other health hazards that might step from low-quality indoor air.

Extends life span of your AC

Regular aircon maintenance and chemical wash help to keep your air conditioner running at its best for years. This helps you avoid costly aircon repair after every few months.

Saves electricity

Chemical wash helps make your air con more energy efficient. This simply means that you can save a lot on your electricity bills in the long run.

Improves performance

Clogging of the filters, evaporators coils, and drainage pipes may affect the performance of your AC. With a aircon chemical overhaul, you can make your AC perform as good as new. AC Chemical cleaning also helps lower the condensation rate of your AC.

Signs Your AC needs Chemical Wash

If your recently found your Air con not cooling enough or cooling slowly despite regular aircon maintenance, maybe it is time to hire aircon servicing in Singapore for a complete chemical overhaul.

Also, if you notice any sudden, unusual improve in electricity bills or any constant noise from your air con, you could contact a aircon general service expert technician to know whether your Aircon needs chemical cleaning.

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