We give you the right decision on how to choose the best aircon in your new flat. Generally, All know about the Singapore atmosphere. Singapore is a tropical place. So everyone needs to install an aircon in your home. Before buying the aircon, You have to decide the best place for aircon installation and you should know about aircon BTU .This is the most important thing.
  1. choose the place to install:

First most important thing, you have to find the right place for installing the aircon.By considering the room size and Btu and other stuffs you can find the best suited place. Technician also guides you which place is best suited for your aircon installation.

  1. Find the Correct BTU :

The second thing is after choosing the place. We should analyze the correct BTU on the room size and Living room size. BTU – British thermal unit. BTU calculates the room sizes. For example, room size is enough (9000 – BTU), The Master bedroom is enough for 12000 BTU., and the Normal Living room is considered the BTU 18000. If quite Big, the living room is considered 24000 BTU.

This is the correct BTU size for room House places. If room size is more than enough, there is no energy saving; it will produce more power supply. If more power supply gave the aircon, it might need to pay for an extra charge for the power supply. So you should be able to choose the correct BTU for the room size.

  1. Energy saving aircon :

Nowadays, so many people choose the best aircon Brands. You have to search for famous brands and, most importantly, choose energy-saving Brands. Energy-saving aircon is produced with less power supply. The benefit of energy-saving is you will save electricity money.

energy saving 5 ticks aircon

If you choose apart from energy-saving, you might need to pay extra electricity money. Then search for a long-time budget warranty and a five ticks configuration system. 

  1. Best Brand In Singapore :

We would recommend buying the best aircon is Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Gree. These Brands will be more energy-efficient. and a long-time budget warranty as well as.

  1. Compare the prices and aircon reviews from different aircon Companies :

You should check the price and review the aircon brand through the aircon distributor. Then you should choose the exact price and best aircon through the customer’s review. All The Best 😊

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