Air con is an important device in Singapore today. There are a lot of homeowners who are using this device in their properties. You also want to maintain the quality of this aircon properly. There are some common problem that you can have from this device, for example water leaking aircon. This problem could be solved immediately, so it cannot cause any other serious problems in the future. This article can help you aircon repair this water leaking AC easily. There are some useful tips that you can follow easily. These tips are recommended for all homeowners who want to maintain the quality of their air conditioners.

  • Clean the air filter

 Most air leaking AC problems are caused by the dirty air filter. There are some impurities that may build up inside this filter, for example dust, microorganisms, mold spores, and some other unwanted things. You have to removed all of them from the air filter. There are some useful tip that can help you clean this Air filter completely. It is recommended that you wash the filter based on the instruction. You can read the owner manual before you can wash this air filter properly. Washing this filter can help you remove unwanted items from your air con.

  • Check the pipe

If you need to repair your water leaking aircon, you should also check all pipes inside this unit. There are a lot of pipes that you can find in this AC. These pipe are very useful to transfer the water from one place to another one safely. Some water dripping problem are caused by the leaked pipe. Therefore, you has to check all pipes that can support the performance of this unit. Don’t forget to contact a plumber when you see some leaked pipes inside your air con unit. When you are able to fix some holes or leaks on your pipe, you should be able to solve the water dripping problem.

  • Take a look at the cooling system

Cooling system is another important feature in your Aircon. This system is very useful to delivered cool water around your aircon unit. It is very possible to has leaked cooling system. When this system is broken or leaked, it can produced water. This is the another common reason why your aircon drips water regularly. You should treat this problem immediately, so you can avoid some serious problems with your air con. When the system is broken, you could replace it with the new one. It is very easy to replaced this system with the new device.

  • Re-install the water circulation system

This is another important thing that you can follow easily. You could be able to find the water circulation system in your air con. This system is very useful to circulate the water inside this AC unit. When this system is broken or damage, it cannot circulate the water properly. In some cases, it can cause water leakage problem in your AC unit. Improper location of this water circulation system is another factor that can cause this problems. You should re-install the water circulation system inside this devices, so you can solved the water dripping problem immediately.

  • Check the drain tray

Most air conditioner units usually have drain tray. This tray can be used to collect any unnecessary water from this unit. When this system is install properly, this drain tray is able to remove the water to outside safely. However, some drain trays cannot function normally. As the result, they have difficult in removing water to the environment. It is recommended that you check this drain tray that is located inside your aircon. Don’t forget to fix any problems or issues that can be find in this tray.

They are some common tips that you can followed easily. Those tips are able to help you solve the water dripping problems in your air conditioner. If you still have some of those problems, you can contact your favorite aircon service company today. There are some companies that are ready to help you solve any problems with your AC unit. Some of these companies have proper licenses as the registered companies best aircon service in Singapore. You could choose the license company, so you can avoid choosing the bad aircon servicing company in this country.

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